Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Brits Still hate Catholics

Prime Minister Brown insists that he will not even discuss the Malvinas islands when he meets with the president of Argentina this weekend.

Notice to Mr. Brown:

England has prudently withdrawn from all of her colonies -- except those she stole from Catholic Countries. Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, and the Malvinas represent her counter-intuitive perpetuation of colonialism, which brought England to her knees.

Fascinating that, in these three cases, England's hatred of Catholics -- cloaked by "democratic" mumbo-jumbo (what happened to the original inhabitants of the Malvinas, Mr. Brown? Ah, expelled by force by British conquest! Sorry, let's throw that down the memory hole!).

You gave Rhodesia and Hong Kong to the Communists, India and Pakistan to the Moslems and Hindus. The American Christians had to fight for their independence, and won fair and square. Can't you read the hateful writing on the wall, with this bigotry of Catholic-hatred?

To all rational Englanders: you have bowed to the Ayatollahs and the Imams, you allow Shariah at home, but your crown and government still hate Catholics -- anywhere. Please, pray that God will cleanse your country of this hatred, which will only bring your continued ruin.

Look about you! Crisis everywhere! Decline, penury, suffering. Stop the hatred of Christ on the Cross and bring your colonial occupation troops home in peace.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bishop Morlino's Charitable Act

He dismissed Ruth Kolpac, an avowed feminist, from a parish job when she refused to recant her opposition to Church doctrine. Hey, what about affirmative action and "diversity" in the Church?

To appreciate the heights of Ms. Kolpac's intellectual accomplishments, you are welcome to read her master's thesis here, and judge for yourself (hint: did a woman scorned write Second Isiah? Read on!)

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Diogenes for defending this act of charity on the part of the good bishop. Charity, that is, to Ms. Kolpac for his gently reminding her of the truths of the faith, and, especially, to the students who have been spared her meanderings in the theological wilderness.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The London Telegraph Is Just As Bad

The Brits, who never invaded a Catholic territory they could leave, are having a field day creating an alternative universe where Pope Benedict is a flop.

Satan's scribes are doing their best, as usual.

Is there an honest Prot in England? Please stand up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

London Times As Bad As the BBC

They both hate the Pope.

So what else is new?

Hey, I know! Teddy K is a knight now. So what if his armor isn't shining?

At least he knows the day and the hour, no matter how much his acceptance of this tawdry honorific offends true Catholics and Irishmen.

Leave It To The Brits

The BBC simply can't understand why the Pope opposes artificial birth control! And the dour Brits certainly can't fathom why chastity, or abstinence outside of marriage, or simple modesty or purity might appeal to all those African savages.

No, instead the Brits give a knighthood to Teddy K ("He had'is arm around'er but he didn't mean to drown'er") -- Sir Teddy of Chappaquiddick. That's their idea of the virtues of chivalry.

And then they go ferret out anti-Catholic "Catholics" to feather their intellectually impoverished nest with a catch-quote.

How dare the Pope enunciate Catholic principles. Why, it's just not Cricket!