Sunday, August 31, 2008

Latin Quote for the Week

"Non tam praeclarum est scire Latine, quam turpe nescire."
--Cicero, Brutus 37:140

("It is not so great a distinction to know Latin as it is disgraceful not to know it.")

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David L Alexander said...

I'll tell you what's disgraceful. It's advertising all over the place about having a blog, and then hardly blogging on it. It's a big commitment. I should know; I've been doing it for six years, and I've give my eye teeth for a fraction of the audience you get from The Wanderer. But there are two of you. That should make it easier. You don't have to write a magnum opus every day. Just enough to let people know you're paying attention, and doing a decent job of it. Maybe a preview of what's to appear in print. Maybe a book you're reading right now. Maybe even linking to what guys like me are saying about God-know's-what.

You get the idea. Think it over. And stay in touch.