Friday, August 29, 2008

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Right now I'm looking for response to John McCain's savvy selection of Sarah Palin as his VP running-mate. One thing is already clear: the Left is apoplectic!

So have at it, thanks for coming, and stay in touch here with The Catholic Guys!

Chris Manion


Mike Manno said...

Hi Chris –

What a great place for all Wanderer readers to gather!

Some quick thoughts on the Sarah Palin choice: Naturally the choice was brilliant and, as you said, left the Left apoplectic. Democrats, however, tried to comfort themselves by telling us that she cannot get the female Hillary Clinton voter because they are much further to the left than Sarah Palin is and will thus reject her.

That makes sense only if you believe all the Hillary voters were Left Wingers who marched in lock-step with the Democrats. I don’t think that is true. During the primaries, Hillary’s appeal was to small-town, blue-collar, Catholic women. I do not believe that demographic group was as interest in the Left’s agenda as it was in 1) voting against Obama, and 2) voting for a woman. These ladies are not as ideologically driven as the Democrats claim which, I believe, will become painfully obvious to the Democrats on election night.

Never bet against a woman who can take down a moose!

Mike Manno
West Des Moines, Iowa

buergerboy said...

Governor Sarah Palin is a real person who the Democrats are deathly afraid of. She is the kind of iconic figure that has a fractured identity in that Party running for a new drawing board. I think this woman will galvanize the right and conservative women who needed a base on which to stand. She has made John McCain look inventive, but not the "Maverick" he claims to be. She just may be the element that the undecided voter was looking for. But the two of them on the Republican ticket have to stand tall on abortion if this is going to work.

Peter T. Anselmi said...
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Henry said...

I'd vote for Sarah if she was running for president and chose Pat Buchanan for VP whose advice she'd promise to follow.

It's so sad to hear her giving us the McCain Bush foreign policy.

Did you see the "Palin interview" (google the latter term) given before her selection in which she praises Ron Paul!

She's a complement to the democrat
pro-choice grandmother.