Thursday, November 6, 2008

Color of Skin or Content of Character?

Diogenes brings us this gem from an Archbishop in this country:

Archbishop Gregory, who in 2001 became the first African American to head the US Bishops Conference, serving for three years, said that the election of Mr Obama was "a great step forward for humanity and a sign that in the United States the problem of racial discrimination has been overcome".

A great step forward for humanity? Racial discrimination overcome? Tell that to the unborn black kids who will not live to see the world outside the womb.


Turfkiller said...

In “Grand Illusions – The Legacy of Planned Parenthood” George Grant describes on page 199 an abortion caused by a father who wanted to protect his reputation. Prior, the father sought counseling and apparently they questioned, consoled and grieved of the prospect of the daughter being pregnant. Instead of celebrating the new life, George Grant supported grieving. Grant blames Margret Sanger’s Balak Strategy for this. In reality, the value judgment here was that reputation was more valuable than an unborn baby.

Most mothers who abort / murder their babies are making similar judgments. There are medical valid reasons for abortions but medical abortions are a small percentage of abortions. Abortion murder is the largest percentage and most of these are by Christian and Catholic women.

Our Bishops instead of being “real men” are failures attempting to use the government to control their own parishioners and believers. Leadership and moral teaching needs to start with each Christian and leadership is failing with the consequence of many millions of aborted children.
Catholic Bishops this week “approved a new prayer seeking a healthy pregnancy for the mother and a plea that "our civic rulers" perform their duties "while respecting the gift of human life."
The Bishops need to direct “performing their duties” this more to their parishioners. They have failed to teach “that the only differences in people are the things they do when things are wrong.” Bishops have failed to teach, demand or ask fathers and mothers in their congregations “What will you do when your wife has another man’s baby? Your teenager is pregnant what will you do? “ Instead they focus on the Supreme Court and government to solve the problems they have in their own Church congregations. They have no faith in their congregation and obviously less in the teachings and examples of Jesus. Having failed, they seek government control of their congregations. Jesus leads by example.
Separating the medical abortions from abortion murder falls to the government. Teaching all of us to celebrate and value the new born without regard to how it came to be is the role of our Church leaders.

Henry said...

Maybe there are affirmative action bishops. what can surprise you?

There are balance sheet bishops who'll tolerate scandalizing public officials to keep the cash flow and the club invites. Office holders appoint, perpetuate themselves. No different in the church. Hey, could whole seminaries be queer unless the bishop was, as well?