Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Italy's Terri Schiavo Case, Hospice nuns refuse to kill Eluana!

The nuns caring for Eluana Englaro in an Italian hospice have refused to carry out a recent court order allowing her father to starve and dehydrate the young woman to death. Eluana has been in a state of minimal consciousness since an auto accident in 1992. The highest Italian court recently gave her father the right to kill her the same way Terri Schiavo was murdered in a Florida hospice in 2005. Read more here. The nuns want to continue to care for Eluano. Will the woman's father let them do it or will he insist, like Michael Schiavo, that his daughter would be better off dead? Pray that the dear sisters, who love her like a family member (let me rephrase that), who love her like a member of God's family, may succeed in taking on the guardianship of Eluana -- not only for her own sake, but for her father's. There is something particularly evil about a father, who should be willing to lay down his life for his child, wanting to kill her instead. But that's the way of the world in the culture of death.

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Nancy Anne said...

St Michael, defend us in battle.

Thanks for the beautiful report on Eluana. What a great gift her suffering is to me already.

These are beautiful, holy faithfilled nuns. Maybe they can come over and give our USCCB a lesson?

Please pray for our bishops and $upport religious groups faithful to the Holy Father!! NOT THE USCCB!

God bless you all! Have a holy advent!

St Benedict, pray for us.