Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Missionary Returns Award to Protest Eluana's Murder

In response to the cruel dehydration killing of Eluana Englaro, Father Aldo Trento, a missionary in Uraguay since 1989, returned the highest Italian honor a citizen can receive, Knight of the Order of the Star of Solidarity.

"How can I, an Italian citizen, receive such an honor from you, who, with your action, permitted the death of Eluana in the name of the Italian Republic?"

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Turfkiller said...

There was a time when except for the most basic of decisions, God made all the decisions for humans. With medical advances like life support, humans now have to make decisions and use their best judgment guided by the Christian values of the New Testament. Some patients improve on it and others do not. Further developments will make temporary life support even more life saving.

She wants extraordinary measures to be used but then turns around and condemns the very programs that would pay for decades of keeping dead people on life support. The civil rights arguments are the very same ones used by Christians condemning the small pox vaccinations.