Sunday, February 8, 2009

Will Eluana Be Dehydrated to Death like Terri?

The fight over the planned dehydration murder of Eluana Englaro, Italy's Terri Schiavo, is raging. The young woman, like Terri, is in a state of diminished consciousness NOT A COMA. Like Terri she has a simple feeding tube for nutrition and hydration, but is not hooked up to any other life support. Like Terri, a family member, in Terri's case her husband Michael and in this case Eluana's father, wants her dead. Terri was offered lifetime care by the Missionaries of Charity, Eluana was in a hospice run by nuns who wanted to go on making her a loving home. Both offers were refused. Eluana was transferred to a home in a town on the Adriatic, Udine in Northeast Italy. Terri was executed in the Florida Gulf city of Tampa. Terri and Eluana share being literally between the devil and the deep blue sea. But the devil, in both cases, was and is standing over their beds. In both cases he wears a smile, speaks in lies, and works to expand the killing.

Italy's Prime Minister continues to try to save Eluana like Jeb Bush tried to save Terri. The Archbishop of Udine, Pietro Brollo, unlike his American brother Bishop Robert Lynch who assisted Terri's killers, is calling for "the suspension of this tragic execution and the conversion of hearts."

Eluana at 38 is a little younger than Terri who was 41. Both young women were vivacious with dark brown hair and dancing eyes before the injuries that left them brain-damaged. Both are victims of the neo-Nazi belief that some lives are not worth living. Pray for Eluana and especially for her father, Beppino Englaro. The murder of your own child is no small event. It was a father's murder of his infant son that ushered in the German T4 euthanasia program. What exactly will the repeat of such a diabolical event usher in today?

For the latest update on Eluana see:
Berlusconi under fire over Italian right-to-die case

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