Thursday, September 18, 2008

Catholics for War?

Fumare has an excellent post today about the "wedging" of the Catholic vote, brought about by the Catholic neoocons who have replaced the Prince of Peace with the dogs of war.

It contains some very good insights, so sad but so true. The trouble with Weigel and Novak, both of whom i consider friends, might be the rush of adrenaline that comes with an invitation to the Oval Office, and the gushing of adulation, if not idolatry, that follows. The record shows that, once infected, it's very difficult to recover.

Superbia Vitae is the greatest sin of concupiscence because, unlike lust of the flesh or lust of the eyes (1 John 2:16), the lust for power is completely insatiable because it lusts after the infinite power of God Himself.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hey, Chris, can a Catholic gal be one of the guys? I love your new blog and look forward to your always interesting insights. I'm adding you to my bloglist at

Mary Ann Kreitzer

Turfkiller said...

After reading the post by Fumare:

What’s wrong with the Conservative Catholic position on Abortion and Pro-Life issues? More questions than answers.

1. Focus on the Supreme Court
a. Imposition of Catholic law and religious belief.
b. Avoids constitutional legislation.
c. Provides pro-business leaning judges.
d. Is the beginning of spiritual life just a religious belief?

2. Voting for politicians who promise Pro-life:
a. Prolongs the crisis. It’s a vote winning issue as long as it’s not resolved.
c. Aggravates or denigrates existing life and directly lowers value of pre-birth life.

3. Imposition
a. Failing to work from the bottom up. How many women have come to priests before considering an abortion? Why not? Maybe they know the answer already and will not find any help, just dogma.
b. Failure to convince anyone of the harm abortion is to society and America.
c. Faith in Church rules is now the Faith. Less faith in the way of Jesus. Jesus worked with individuals and by his actions convinced them who by their actions convinced others.

4. Pandering and short sightedness.
a. Supporting any politician without regard for the wars, disease and destruction they or their philosophies have brought down on America.
b. Voting for politicians whose records demonstrate that never in recent history have so few managed to screw up the lives of so many good people around the world. The incompetence recently should be expected when politicians like business leaders come from friends/families with good names instead of exception people.
c. Are you certain that you are electing the Pro-life John McCain or are you electing the John McCain whose wife who was surprised upon learning of John’s recent change in abortion view. I know which John McCain you are voting for but his consistent flip flopping makes everyone wonder which one will actually be elected.

5. Abortion is not murder.
a. Actually it is like murder but has anyone really thought about the differences? For example anyone can commit murder but only a mother can commit abortion. Until you look at it and understand it and the differences, you are doomed to prolong the crisis by trying to impose the wrong solutions.
b. Murder is legislatively a crime but that never completely stops it from happening. If abortion was to be constitutionally legislated as a crime, it will not completely eliminate it. How do you deal with mothers who commit the crime?
6. Conclusion.
a. Constitutional legislation certainly is possible. The wedge of pro-life is being used for pro-business and extreme political power forces by attacking the Supreme Court. Trying to impose the wrong solutions without understanding the problem betrays us all and necessarily hides the underlying agendas.
b. In addition to abortion what other after birth issues would raise the value of life in our siciety? What issues would send the message that all life is equally important.
c. Politician regardless of party should not be trusted blindly.
d. Catholic conservatives are the problem to making inroads because their world views are what they want to see and not a problem solving viewpoints. Catholic conservatives have agendas beyond abortion.
e. “God willing, I might even be lucky enough to vote for somebody I feel honorable in supporting.” Don’t vote for somebody you feel honorable but somebody you can complain to.
f. “The question is whether this wedge is minor or major during this election year.” What’s a little war over oil when abortion is the true monster. Sounds like none of your children returned home with a Purple Heart.
g. How do we get mothers to value the life as something more than the reasons they abort?
h. How many parents value their children’s success as winners than being good parents and losers?

Don’t throw out the baby and the bathwater just to find the bar of soap.

Henry said...

If Weigel and Novak knew they'd find themselves having to lecture the Pope on just war doctrine, while reverently deferring to the prudential judgement of Mr.Bush or his puppeteers, in a sense to choose Barabbas, they might have had second thoughts about becoming neocon apologists, even if it held the prospect of being invited to the White House. Better a crust of bread in peace than to banquet and blush.