Saturday, September 13, 2008

Was Jesus a Communiy Organizer

Christ is the head of the Mystical Body, and is inseparable from His Church. Now **there's** a community!

Worldly "community organizers" -- and Obama foremost among them -- agitate people to steal from the government, the taxpayer, their employer (if they work for a living, which is often not the case), and the Church (usually through coercion in South Chicago. It's a tradition maxed out by Jesse Jackson, who was a shakedown artist of the first order.

Both Hillary and Obama are scions of Saul Alinsky, who drove Mayor Daley (Sr.) nuts when i lived in Chicago forty years ago. Alinksy was a master provocateur, and his "Rules For Radicals" should be at the bedside of every traditional Catholic (as St. Ignatius says, "know the enemy better than he knows himself.") He was filled with hatred and a thoroughgoing leftist, but, like Lenin, he knew how to "organize":

Witness Lenin's tirades sent as telegrams to commissars in the towns he was visiting on the railroad line: "If I don't see a bourgeois hanging from every telegraph pole when I arrive, you will be hanging there when I leave."

That's Obama's "experience." Oh, that, plus twenty years of Reverend Wright's hatred of America -- which Michelle Obama managed to pick up in the pews, although Obama was apparently too fixated on maximizing his self-esteem to soak it all in.


Jeff Miller said...

Saul Alinsky's author of Rules for Radicals dedicated his book to Lucifer.

Rory said...

Your comment about community organizers is right wing fantasy.

1. Theft from the taxpayer by any community is absolutely dwarfed by the recent bail outs and low costs loans of your elected friends. Bush financed the tax cuts by adding more debt than All of the presidents in the history of this country. Wealthy and corporations are the "mother load of welfare queens".
2. Community organizers and union organizers agitate for healthcare insurance something like 45.7 million don’t have. You will search in vain on for any evidence of just one demand by Bishop Chaput or Bishop Martino that universal healthcare be provided to all Americans.
3. Barack Obama and John McCain each had one famously problematic pastor, Sarah Palin appears to have had at least four.
4. It's bad enough McCain can't tell the truth but do you have to be so lemming like?

5. I am Catholic, I don't trust let alone worship any politician and shame on the corporate owned media. Only the ladies of the "View" have the courage to ask tough questions. Our duty is to protect our religion from being used by slick talking politicians.

Henry said...

So, are we supposed to vote for the neocon fellow traveler?

Henry said...

P.S. Wasn't Alinsky's book called
"Reveille for radicals"

Henry said...

P.P.S. Sorry guys, Reveille came out in '46 and Rules in '71.

I recall reading Dorothy Day having a favorable musing about Alinsky...but what you won't find in Alinsky is any caution that organizing capers of his kind could get somebody killed. Alinsky might see that as a plus for propaganda purposes.

Adamgv said...

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