Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get a Load of This!

The Wall Street Journal has been skidding and sliding and, finaly, coasting downhill for several years, but now it has outdone itself in farce.

This morning, in an interview with Father Ted Hesburgh, longtime president of Notre Dame, the journal's twit frames a "balanced" question:

"WSJ: In your day, the Church produced figures such as Bishop Sheen and Father Drinan and Pope John XXIII. Who are the Catholic leaders today of their caliber? Are there any?"

Father Drinan, the proud pro-abortion congressman who had to leave Congress in disgrace (or leave the Jesuits), is sandwiched into a trinity with two giants of the Church. Why, doesn't he come to **everybody's** mind? (oops, we forgot Teddy Kennedy!)

Talk about a loaded question! Or maybe just a load.

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