Saturday, October 25, 2008

Could a Terrorist become Top Teacher?

Phyllis Schlafly, one of my heroes, has an insightful article about the scary possibilities for education in an Obama presidency. Consider former terrorist William Ayers as Secretary of Education. He has, after all, shifted careers from bombing buildings to brainwashing children, a much more effective way of destroying America.

"From his prestigious and safe university position," Phyllis writes, "Ayers has been teaching teachers and students in rebellion against American capitalism and what he calls 'imperialism' and 'oppression.' The code words for the Ayers curriculum are 'social justice,' a 'transformative' vision, 'critical pedagogy,' 'liberation,' 'capitalist injustices,' 'critical race theory,' 'queer theory,' and of course multiculturalism and feminism."

The impact of brainwashing a generation is already apparent in the growing acceptance of homosexuality as normal. What's miraculous is that after all these years, abortion continues to defy the evil left's efforts at acceptance. Most Americans still oppose most abortions.

Could an Obama presidency with Ayers as the top teacher change that? Let's hope we don't have to find out.


Turfkiller said...

1. A mother aborting her child is not a natural act. Don’t need a church or God to know that.
2. Homosexuality is not a natural act for most people and never will. Nobody needs to express fear for their heterosexual instincts by hating them for theirs.
3. The Republican right has destroyed this nation economically and provided the terrorists with a victory in Iraq. At least with Sadam, he spent most of his money on palaces and secret police. (sorry there was no WMDs) Thanks to the republican right, terrorists may get their hands on that money in the future.
4. What’s miraculous is that the Republican have not completely destroyed the constitution as well by legislating from the White House.
5. The Republican right has divided this country and has distributed wealth to those undeserving and certainly undeniably incompetent.

The larger view here is that Phyllis Schlafly, one of your heroes is inspiring others not with her brand of faith but with her particular brand of unreasonable hatred.

She has long recognized that her movement cannot be spread without a belief in a devil. She has elevated those not agreeing with her as evil. She thus avoids thinking and discussing.

Worse for most right wing republicans is that hatred has become a habit you can’t stop.

To wrong those she hates adds fuel to her hatred. To treat homosexuals with magnanimity would blunt hatred for them.

As John Cole put it, "why is it that the people who claim to adhere to the culture of life are so filled with hate for…people?"

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Why do liberals always say that those who disagree with them are filled with hate? It's called transference. I've been called violent for disagreeing with liberals while speaking sotto voce with a smile on my face.

After reading your comment I simply feel sorry for you. Whether you believe in gravity or not it exists and so does the Author of all the natural laws of the universe. He doesn't want the destruction of any of His children even those who advocate incredible evil. He wants their repentance, not their punishment. And that's what Christians want to. We don't want any of our brothers and sisters to go to hell.

As for hate I have never seen such hatred as that of pro-abortion feminists and militant gays attacking pro-lifers who are standing and praying the rosary at abortion mills. I've experienced plenty of it personally including two young men throwing snowballs and cursing at me when I was picketing and praying by myself. And just a few weeks ago a "tolerant" individual threw a full bottle of soda at an elderly man praying at the 40 Days for Life location in Manassas. He was shaken up and had to go home.

Calling someone evil who actually espouses evil isn't hatred; it's fact. Hitler wasn't the only monster on the planet. Those who advocate murdering the innocent are his ideological twins. If the shoe fits wear it, as my mom used to say. In the meantime I'll pray my rosary for you and ask your guardian angel to join in. He has a big job, poor thing.

Turfkiller said...

Dear Mary Ann,

You misunderstand me more because I am not completely expressing my view and there isn’t room enough. So I will only deal with abortion and a quip on hatred I have been accused of.

Abortion is not a natural act and you don’t need a church or God to say otherwise.

There are valid medical conditions for abortion and these need to be written into any statute, however most abortions are performed for ‘invalid’ reasons like life style impacts. So I was hoping for a discussion on what would make a mother believe that having a baby is worse than killing it. I read George Grant’s book “Grand Illusions” and on page 200 he describes an abortion incident. While he places the blame for abortion on all kinds of causes he missed the most important one. The biggest cause of abortion is us. We make it bad enough that a daughter or unfaithful wife would rather kill her baby than face us. A change in culture is sorely needed and our Church isn’t providing it. Kudos to Palin for not insisting on her daughter get an abortion and to her daughter for carrying the baby married or not.

Abortion is not a natural act. As long as you continue to claim it’s a religious belief, a law will never pass in this country because you cannot constitutionally impose your religious beliefs on others. My point is you don’t need a church or religion to feel revulsion at abortion. Calling abortion murder only confuses the issues. So what is abortion? Abortion can only be committed by the mother. Men cannot commit abortion but they can aid and abet or cause indirectly.

As for Phyllis it was she that describes the left as evil. Now that’s hatred and demonizing. I for my part described the opposition as right wing Republicans. No hatred on my part or in my heart.

Thank you for your prayers, as they are sorely needed here. Keep protesting and stay safe.