Sunday, October 19, 2008

'Twas Ever Thus

The WashPost has a story today describing how the South African ANC, once derided and persecuted by the colonial government there, is now rent by factions and self-dealers.

My, My, what a surprise.

When the ANC was dangerously unpopular, nobody wanted to join. When it finally came to power, all the manipulators and hucksters jumped on board.

It's exactly what happened to the conservative movement. In the 60s, we were "kooks." By the 80s, even lefties like Jim Baker signed on to cash in.

And by 2001, the Trotskyite neocons left the Democrats behind and jumped into the trough.

And they killed the conservative and pro-life movements and the GOP. Heckuva job, guys!!

Time to start over.

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