Thursday, January 15, 2009

Partisan Politics?

Why do leftists like Dick Meyer of NPR assume that it would be "partisan politics" for Congress or the Justice Department (or both) to investigate the crimes of the Bush-Cheney Administration?

Many defenders of liberty, advocates of the Constitution, and even hard-core Republicans would support the pursuit of justice and a defense of the Constitution (as required in the president's oath of office, the only passage in the Constitution put in quotation marks, to make that duty perfectly clear).

Sure, many would wince as evidence emerges that the people they supported actually manipulated them, exploited them, robbed them, betrayed them, and wrought terrible damage to the country (and, for many, the party) they love. But people see those emotions in divorce courts every day. Why not in the political sphere?

Frankly, divorce is exactly what many GOP party hacks must embrace. Until the party is willing to acknowledge and condemn the disasters wrought by its leaders for the past eight years, it will never recover its unity or its reason for being. Until they swallow hard and do the right thing, they will be living a lie, and be impotent as a result.

Witness today's news that Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina thinks it's just fine that Mr. Geithner be confirmed in spite of his admitted shortfall of tens of thousands of dollars in his tax returns. Graham, morally emasculated by his support of Bush's crimes, must now embrace -- even celebrate --Geithner's nomination: "These are huge times. Now is not the time to think in small political terms," oozed Graham. He's only a petty thief, So put Geithner in charge of trillions of secret dollars!

Great job, Grahammy!! Because you supported "our" crooks, you now have to support theirs.

With this kind of leadership, the GOP is destined for oblivion -- and deserves it.

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