Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why "professional" news organizations are dying...

They've been biased so long, no one believes them any more.

And they apparently keep on hiring idiots.

And homosexuals, of course. So it would be hard for even an AP reporter trying to tell the straight story to report (accurately) that the Vatican's efforts to stem homosexual behavior flow from the disaster that active homosexuals wrought for years, exposed in the scandals that have emerged since 2001.

A copy editor, a national desk -- somewhere in the news chain of command there sits a gay-friendly type who has no interest in the story, or the truth, but just wants to propound his propaganda. So we read that "experts on sex offenders say gays are no more likely than others to molest children."

Either the reporter/editors or the experts are lying.

Love those 'experts." Brian Clowes, of Human Life International, found that gay priests were hundreds of times more likely to abuse than heterosexual ones, according to the USCCB's own figures.

On the other hand, when you see "experts say," or "analysts agree" in a news story, brace yourself for the reporter/editor's personal ideological opinions.

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